Friday, May 11, 2012

Wisconsin stands for clean water, not with polluting businesses

Gov. Scott Walker’s DNR has shown its colors in its treatment of Herr Environmental, Inc. of Oconomowoc, a waste hauler, who dumped excessive amounts of human waste from septic tanks into fields, potentially poisoning 40 water wells nearby.

By the political appointments of Secretary Cathy Stepp and deputy secretary Matt Moroney, Scott Walker has transformed the DNR from protector of Wisconsin’s water, land, and air into partner with polluting businesses. 

The DNR, however, doesn’t want to punish Herr Environmental too harshly for its repeated irresponsible violations.  The company contributes regularly to Republican causes.  A light tap on the wrist should be sufficient—a fine around $4,000 compared to a DOJ fine of $20,000 to $40,000.  According to Stepp, DNR’s wimpy response to serious environmental violations should be more than enough to encourage Herr to stop its childish behavior and “self-regulate” in the future.  Yeah, right.

This bizarre approach reminds me of new parents who think they can quiet their three-year old’s temper tantrum by reasoning with him and happily assuming the child “got it” and will never have another tantrum.

I need a yard sign that says, “Wisconsin should stand for clean water, not with polluting businesses.”

See this excellent blog from my neighbor, Paul Adair, that was published in MJS’ Germantown NOW a couple days ago --