Friday, May 4, 2012

Tell Scott Walker Wisconsin is Water, Not a Corporation

Is government in Wisconsin “by and for the people” or is it “by and for corporations”?  You only need look at Wisconsin’s vital resource, water, to find the answer.  Governor Scott Walker has flipped the job of State governance from serving the people and protecting our land and water to bowing before the gods of corporate power.

Contrary to popular thought about beer and dairy being Wisconsin’s claim to fame, water gives Wisconsin its real identity.  Our inland lakes cover about one million acres of the state’s 35 million acres.  The parts of Lakes Michigan and Superior within Wisconsin’s boundaries add nearly 6.5 million acres of water to Wisconsin.  Over 12,600 rivers and streams make their way through 44,000 miles of Wisconsin terrain. 2,700 trout streams keep anglers happy.  Wetlands cover much of the state and are generally privately owned.  And underground, Wisconsin holds 1.2 quadrillion gallons of water.  That’s enough groundwater to cover the state to a depth of 95 feet.*

Wisconsin is Water.  It’s our identity, our way of life, and our State’s treasure.  Now, Scott Walker and his pro-corporate DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp, are weakening the State’s duty to protect, regulate, and enforce standards of high quality water in Wisconsin.  Their approach caters instead to letting businesses get water permits with ease and not be held responsible for what they do with the water or what they dump into the water. 

Instead of following the standards of the Clean Water Act by toughening and enforcing
water permits for coal, mining, and manufacturing companies, the DNR is fighting to keep Wisconsin citizens from bringing enforcement actions against water permit offenders.  Working as the handmaiden to corporations rather than protecting our water for the common good, the DNR and Scott Walker have declared their allegiance.  They work for the corporate state, not for the people, the land, and the water of Badgerland.

Let’s vote Walker out of the Governor’s office in June and make Wisconsin again, a state governed by and for the people, the land, and the water.

            Walker = Government by and for corporations
            Barrett or Falk = Government by and for the people

*(Source: for facts on Wisconsin waters. Department of Natural Resources official website,


Dennis Grzezinski said...

An excellent post. Our water resources are really under attack, and lots of Wisconsinites have not been informed about this.

Chris WIGrassroot said...

I'm doing a bit of research on Walker selling Wisconsin's water to Israel and ran across your blog. I thought I'd post this link so you could see it. Most Wisconsinites are unaware the Walker administration passed legislation for high capacity wells to go in all over the State. This legislation took away the ability for local governments to prevent these wells from going in. The bill takes effect in June 2014.

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